With a BA in Speech Communication/PR from Miami University (Ohio), Jane Tomlinson strikes a balance of strong communication and tactical thinking with engaging, creative and unique design solutions. With almost 15 years of design experience ranging from agency staff positions to designing custom wedding invitations to freelance/contract work, she brings passion and talent to large-scale projects and small design elements alike. No project or client too large or too small, Jane is a consistently dependable partner and collaborative extension to your team.  She offers design solutions that are full of tact, beauty and impact to match your visual communication goals.



Ink Umbrella is a double entendré. Quite literally, it's a bundle of creative communication and visual design service offerings under one big umbrella. Jane holds the other meaning closer to her heart... An umbrella was the catalyst that sparked a conversation with her future husband. Nearly 20 years later, she has built a happy life with the guy who once questioned why she was carrying around an umbrella... at a college party... when it wasn't raining. Today, Jane satisfies her creative passion and entrepreneurial spirit while fulfilling an even higher calling, being a mom. To realize autonomy in her thriving business balanced with being present for her family is her dream come true. She and her husband Joe live just north of Chicago in Wilmette, IL with their 3 children, Caroline, Eleanor & Charlie and a spunky golden retriever, Henry.


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