At the core of every successful brand is a compelling back story. Stories build context, ignite emotion and infuse relatability to a brand mission. When crafting a brand, I always encourage my clients to add meaning and definition to visual elements by sharing their story.

Ink Umbrella’s brand story:


  1. Ink Umbrella isn’t just graphic design… it’s an umbrella of many creative services.


  2. I love (p)ink. I love doodling and dreaming things up with ink. I have a penchant for beach umbrellas and (dr)ink umbrellas because they remind me of one of my favorite things: a beach vacation! Side note: Ironically, I loathe rain and  always choose a cheerful umbrella to mask a gloomy gray sky.

  3. When I met my husband Joe at a party on a cold, gray, rainy spring day at Miami University in the late ’90s, I carried my bright & trusty yellow umbrella with me. Joe still teases me about toting around an umbrella to a college party. But guess what? It never rained that day, and Joe has stuck around for every day since so I’m totally convinced that cute umbrellas ward off rain and attract the best life partners. Try it!